Pärnu Log Homes® - Designing and Constructing in accordance with your requirements

The last 15 years our family operated company has delivered Cabins for the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish market. Our products allow for easy modifications and personal design choices even with the use of traditional base models.

We can deliver Traditional Log Cabins in Norwegian post & beam style ”stavlaft” and contemporary timber constructions with a Log cabin external look but incorporating modern design features such as large windows, complex timber structures and comfortable wooden terraces with glass railings.
On this site you will find examples of models we have provided for our customers in the past and some new designs yet to be delivered.

Let us inspire you to initiate construction of your family’s Unique Dream Cabin, an investment in memories for the people closest to you.
For the space and cost conscious investor or developer we have also greated concepts which generate significant investment value. These new models can be adapted to your local building requirements, terrain and budget.

Our traditional log homes and cabins:

Our Traditional models allow for easy upgrades and personal design choices such as carvings, claddings and our own Panoramic window design.

Please contact for further information: ggg@loghome.ee

Our customized unique cabins and ski lodges:

We have extensive experience designing and constructing customized cabins and lodges. We will combine your personal taste and functional requirements with our high quality wooden materials and professional craftsmanship. Our goal is to surprise you with our quick response and follow up time on all the required details to meet your delivery specification.

Please contact for further information: ggg@loghome.ee

Our traditional log homes with unique design:

Below you will find -PANORAMIC – our new design feature for our traditional log homes. Large and bright windows of the highest quality, which are implemented directly into the massive wooden frames of pure Nordic timber.

Please contact for further information: ggg@loghome.ee

New trends in our houses and cabins:

These models below represent new trends of house design styles in the mountains and in the suburban areas. They are based on the combination of traditional and new materials for construction. Efficient space usage and good energy efficiency also in the smaller houses.

Please contact for further information about our capabilities: ggg@loghome.ee