Process from an idea to a house

We compile sketches on the basis of your vision and use the sketches to construct a building that we will then deliver to its site and later subject to post production maintenance. You can read below about the stages your house will pass on its way to completion. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Gather ideas, jot them down and send them to us. A freehand sketch is also fine. However, if you are unsure of your drawing skills, you can select one of the houses we have produced and describe how you would improve it. Of course, any vision can also be conveyed through a picture you might have seen on the internet.


We will first analyse your vision together with you. We will then produce the initial sketches and their price offer. We will then draw the detailed plans and compile the 3D model of your house.


After the sketches are done, we will sign the contract. We will record the exact house set that will be delivered to you and write down the delivery date, final price and deadline in the contract. We will also divide the responsibilities between the parties and minimize your financial risks in cooperation with the bank.


We will update you constantly about the production process and send you pictures of your house during the manufacturing. Of course, we would love to see you in our production facility in Estonia to bear witness to our work quality. You can combine this visit with a weekend spent in Tallinn or Riga – highly recommended.

Delivery and assembly

We will transport the house that is ready for assembly to your construction site with a truck. Usually the delivery from our production facility to Norway’s central mountains, for example, takes two days. We will assemble the log structure on location to the foundation and make the building watertight. It generally takes up to 4 weeks to complete the exterior finishing.

Post Production maintenance

Every new log house needs regular maintenance during the first post production years. In order to ensure the maximum possible lifespan of your house, we will check its constructions and roof, if necessary, and adjust the doors and gates.


Your satisfaction is important to us. We hope you will share our cooperation experience also with your acquaintances. Just like many people have already recommended us to their acquaintances in Norway, Sweden and Finland.